• Students ages 6 - 10 and those who don't speak English as their first language


  • 8 weekly sessions, 50 minutes each
  • Instructor access begins the week this item is purchased and ends 180 days after that. If student materials have been purchased, then access continues for 180 days after that purchase. 
  • Concluding with Group Presentation 


  • Editable invitation template to Group Presentation
  • BPS song video (lyrics included too!)
  • Editable completion certificate template
  • 8-lesson online video course for the instructor

Also, here's a sample lesson.


Week 1: this orientation explores the connection between caring for your audience and speaking to an audience

Week 2: practice impromptu introductions

Week 3: deliver a story to connect with an audience

Week 4: use humor in public speaking

Week 5reinforce speaking skills in limited preparation situations 

Week 6: use visual aids in a speech to inform

Week 7: appreciate the value in receiving coaching in public speaking and develop impromptu-speaking skills

Week 8: inform an audience by storytelling

updated 1.1.22

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Q.  Who can purchase BPS?

A.  Any parent or teacher. It's excellent for families or groups of any kind.

Q. May I do BPS with my children only or do I need to have a group?

A. You are not required to, but it's best if you can do this course with a group. Your children will need others to listen to their speeches and also to learn to listen to others. If you can find a one or two other families to do this with, you'll find that the energy and support that result are well worth it.

Q. Who instructs the students?

A. You do it all yourself -- we empower you, and you learn along with the students! The lesson plans, videos, and assignments are found in the online classroom. You'll watch a video and then lead your students according to the instructions found there. Your students will present speeches according to the lesson plans and assignments that are given in the course. 

Q. When should I hold my meetings?

A: You can meet with the group in your home or at a church or school -- you can pick any time and day that meets your needs. You would set aside about an hour for the meeting. For online meetings, we've recently updated materials to include tools to help with making these good experiences for students.

Q.  How many students can use the BPS Curriculum?

A.  You can use this with as many students as you like. In order to get access to the downloadable student workbook, you will purchase one download per student or a license for a group of students.

Q.  Can the one who purchased the curriculum charge students that they teach?

A.  Yes

Q.  How will I receive the materials?

A.  You will receive a confirmation email with directions for how to access the online curriculum through the ICC Academy. You'll receive this the very day you purchase!

If you have more questions, please contact People Care at [email protected]

Updated 8.26.20